Flight of Passage is the incredible true story of two teenage brothers, Kernahan and Rinker Buck, who in 1966, built their own airplane and became the youngest aviators ever to fly America coast to coast.

Inspired by the barnstorming blarney and passion of their larger-than-life stunt pilot father, the boys take to the skies in a two-seat, fabric-covered Piper Cub with no lights and no radio. They set out to explore America from above and push the limits of their piloting skills, however, the journey becomes much bigger than they could have ever expected. While battling violent thunderstorms and the treacherous elements that threaten to tear them and their plane apart, they learn invaluable life lessons about trust, humility, and the unbreakable bond of brotherhood. Meanwhile, the nation, still mourning the death of JFK and growing weary of the escalating conflict in Vietnam, takes notice of their adventure, and Kern and Rinker’s flight unwittingly becomes a beacon of hope and a symbol of the American dream.

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